Treatise Engineering Limited is a company incorporated in Kenya fully owned by Kenyan nationals with its head offices at Gate 15, Sumba Road off Muthaiti Avenue in Nairobi West. We pride ourselves with a team of highly competent technical staff who have wide global industry exposure and certifications. Treatise Engineering is a premier engineering company playing a pivotal role in value addition in Long – Haul and Access Fiber Optic and Microwave transmission systems and Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) deployment. Treatise Engineering delivers state of the art ICT networks for a wide range of applications. We dimension and deliver precise Electrical and Mechanical Engineering solu – tions for industrial and building services. We conceptualize and dimension critical power for telecommunication sites, data centers and medical facilities. We have a team of highly competent and internationally certified energy man – gers who will assess the energy needs of your facility and dimension energy saving opportunities that guarantee to reduce your OPEX. We deliver turnkey underground and overhead power and telecommunication transmission lines. Treatise Engineering has a diverse client base that includes Multinationals, Government Agencies, Private Entities and Non-Governmental organizations. We deliver the latest engineering technologies and we therefore guarantee Systematic and Precise Engineering Solutions for your facility.